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Below is a list of our publishing partners:

Black Management Forum

Black Management Forum

- Publication: African Leader (view)
- Website: www.bmfonline.co.za

The BMF, founded in 1976, is a thought-leadership organisation, which has, among others, taken interest in the transformation of our country, in pursuit of socio-economic justice, fairness and equity.

The organisation stands for the development and empowerment of managerial leadership primarily among Black people within organisations and the creation of managerial structures and processes that reflect the demographics and values of the wider society.

The BMF, an independent non-governmental initiative, is nationally based and provides:

  • Leadership development.
  • Business advisory services on transformation.
  • Motivation.
  • Role modeling.
  • Business orientation.
  • A values-based philosophy to young people through a network of established student chapters at various colleges and universities.

Charadon Production Studios

Charadon Production Studios

- Publication: Extreme Sports Angling (view)
- Website: www.esaworld.co.za

Charadon Production Studios, the producers of the successful television show, Extreme Sports Angling, decided to take the consolidation of the angling sport into its own hands. Coming from an angling, media, visual communication, marketing and IT background, the company put its skills together to take the sport forward. Their vision was to have a comprehensive angling platform for anglers in South Africa to learn and conserve the well-loved sport. As such, Extreme Sports Angling was developed.
Charadon’s aim is to innovate, educate and conservate. Extreme Sports Angling is broadcast on SuperSport 1 and 2.



- Publication: Hospitality (view)
- Website: www.fedhasa.co.za

The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (FEDHASA), a member driven organisation, functions both as a Trade association and an Employers ’ Association. In its role as a Trade Association, FEDHASA represents members’ interests on most recognised public and private sector economic, business and environmental forums.

Founded in 1949, a restructured and transformed FEDHASA is recognised by both the private sector and government as the official representative of the South African hospitality industry. The association, as the established voice of the industry, represents the interests of South African hotels, restaurants, conference centres, caterers, self-catering accommodation, suppliers, trainers, consultants and service providers to the hospitality industry.

FEDHASA’s core responsibilities cover a broad spectrum of economic, business, social and environmental activities in support of the sustainability and growth of the hospitality industry.

Gas Publishing

Gas Publishing

- Website: www.gaspublishing.co.za

Gas Publishing opened its doors in 2002 with three talented editors and a stable of aptitude. Gas Publishing provides national and international turnkey custom publishing services.

Institute For African Alternatives

Institute for African Alternatives

- Publication: New Agenda (view)
- Website: www.ifaanet.org

The Institute for African Alternatives (IFAA) is a network institute for policy research on alternative development strategies for the continent, with links to NGOs in the North and South and grassroots organisations in Africa. It was established in January 1986 in response to the prevailing African crisis. IFAA is in the roster of the UN Economic and Social Council.

The IFAANET website is a service provided by IFAA for academics and researchers concerned with African issues and searching for African solutions to Africa’s problems. One of the main IFAA's missions is to meet the needs of African information users working for sustainable development in the region. The overall purpose of this website is to provide access to information resources on the Greater Horn of Africa and related issues for researchers and scholars.



- Publication: Kulula.com Comic Life (view)
- Website: www.kulula.com

Kulula.com has changed since its inception. It is no longer the ‘anyone can fly’ but the ‘everybody flies’ airline. Kulula.com has literally changed the face of air travel in South Africa. The brand is positioned on ease: easy to book, easy to fly and easy to afford.

Kulula.com, South Africa’s no-frills family and business traveler airline flies 200 000 passengers per month (300 flights a week with 12 routes). Most of Kulula.com’s bookings are done online, showing a sophisticated internet-savvy customer.

Kulula.com first took to the skies in August 2001 and is owned by Comair Limited which has been in aviation for more than 60 years.  Kulula.com is more than an airline; it is an entire travel experience as other travel-related products including car rental and chauffeur-driven trips are also on offer.



- Publication: TLC (view)
- Website: www.avusa.co.za

With over 45 years’ experience, mims is South Africa’s most credible medical reference publisher. Core publications consist of the monthly mims and the annual mims Desk Reference (MDR) – both of which provide the user with detailed information on most medicines available for use in South Africa.

Other regular publications published by mims include Anaethesia and Critical Care, Disease Review, Primary Care, Guide to OTC Products, Index of Veterinary Specialities and Complementary Desk Reference.

Namibian Institute of Architects

Namibian Institute of Architects

- Publications: Digest Namibian Architecture (view)
- Website: www.nia.org.na

The Namibian Institute of Architects, a non-profit institution, was established in 1952. The Namibian Institute’s purpose is to promote architecture and sound architectural practice among the Namibian architectural profession and to the general public of Namibia.

Currently the Institute has 86 registered professional architects, and is a member of the African Union of Architects and the Commonwealth Association of Architects. The Namibian Institute of Architecture is also in close affiliation with the Namibian Council for Architects and Quantity Surveyors.

The Institute helps with relevant practice documentation, it organises lectures, exhibitions and the merit awards and also constantly communicates with those affiliated with the industry.

Resolution Health

Resolution Health

- Website: www.resorealm.co.za

Resolution Health, a reputable provider of medical scheme benefits, addresses the healthcare needs of the entire spectrum of the South African population by developing and providing competitive healthcare products delivered by means of excellent customer service and state-of-the-art technology, based on a culture of innovation and integrity.

South African Institute of Architects

South African Institute of Architects

- Publications: Digest of SA Architecture (view), Architecture South Africa (view)
- Website: www.saia.org.za

The South African Institute of Architects is a voluntary association of affiliated and regional institutes established in 1996 and incorporates the previous national Institute of South African Architects (established in 1927) and the regional institutes of architecture.

The South African Institute of Architects aims to promote excellence in architecture and to contribute to the enhancement of society and the environment. Members of the Institute (registered architects) are educated and trained to provide leadership, critical judgement, specialist knowledge, skills and aptitude for the design and development of the built environment. Members who enroll with the Institute are required to uphold and subscribe to the objectives of the Institute, within the built environment.

SA Stud Book

SA Stud Book

- Publication: SA Stud Breeder/Stoetteler (view)
- Website: www.studbook.co.za

SA Stamboek/Stud Book, founded in 1905, is recognised by the government as the only registering authority for the stud industry in South Africa. The objective of SA Stamboek/Stud Book is to keep records of the pedigrees, recording certificates and performance data of animals and to issue certificates of registration and recording.

SA Stamboek/Stud Book plays a leading and indispensable role in the empowerment of breeders’ societies and breeders by impartial registration and recording of characteristics of animals, as well as supplying excellent value added services.

SA Hotrods

SA Hot Rods

- Publication: SA Hotrods (view)
- Website: www.sahotrods.com

The SA Hotrods Association decided to build an online portal to help the muscle car and hot rods industry in South Africa gain recognition. SA Hotrods has been welcomed by car clubs and motoring industries around South Africa.

In 2007, sahotrods.com received a listing on SA Best Directory as one of the best motoring websites in South Africa. The website had more than a million hits within the same year.

The Sunshine Tour

The Sunshine Tour

- Publication: The South African Golfers Yearbook (view)
- Website: www.sunshinetour.co.za

The Sunshine Tour, the professional golf tour based in Southern Africa, is one of the six leading tours which make up the International Federation of PGA Tours. The tour’s three leading official money events, the South African Open, the Dunhill Championship and the Joburg Open are co-sanctioned with the European Tour.

The main events take place in the South African Summer from November to February. There are separate qualifying schools in March and in late October / early November, effectively dividing the tour into two main series of events. The first series a developmental program for emerging, mainly local players and the second series attracts almost all the top South African players as well as some renowned international golfers.

The Western Cape Education Department

The Western Cape Education Department

- Publication: Khanya (view)
- Website: wced.wcape.gov.za

The Western Cape Education Department’s (WCED) aim is “effective education for all”. The WCED has worked on hard on developing this plan, which will go a long way towards ensuring, as effectively and as equitably as possible, a better future for all learners. The key factors in achieving this vision include factors such as ensuring stability in the system, discipline and diligence, teacher training, good management at all levels as well as creating and maintaining a general educational environment in which learners can learn and teachers can teach.

Emphasis is on raising the levels of mathematics, science and literature across the curriculum and then computer literacy.

The WCED plans to use information and communication technologies in schools to:

  • Deliver and support curriculum.
  • Raise the levels of teaching and learning in disadvantaged schools.
  • Educate and support educators.
  • Eliminate the digital divide.
  • Empower learners to join the global knowledge community.
  • Encourage learners to prepare for their careers.
  • Collect and distribute curriculum and administrative information.

This ideal is gradually being reached through the successive rollouts of the Khanya Project. The Khanya Project, an initiative of the WCED, was established in 2001 to determine the contribution that technology could make towards addressing the increasing shortage of educator capacity in schools.

Umsobomvu Youth Fund

Umsobomvu Youth Fund

- Publication: UYM (view)
- Website: www.uyf.org.za

The South African Government created the Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF) in January 2001, and gave it the task of promoting entrepreneurship, job creation, skills development and skills transfer among South Africans between the ages of 18 and 35. The word Umsobomvu is Nguni for “rising dawn” and symbolizes the rising of new opportunities for young South Africans. It embodies a new sense of hope, self exertion, self reliance and enthusiasm.

The UYF is dedicated to investing in the creation of opportunities for young people to obtain skills, jobs and to even start their own businesses. The UYF’s mission and vision is to increase the involvement of young South Africans in our economy and to make this achievable by developing skills in the youth. The UYF provides mentorship, ongoing training as well as voucher programmes for students and youth in business.

  publishing partners
publishing partners


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